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5 years and older
4 students maximum per class
Intermediate swimmers transition from the basic Freestyle to a competitive Freestyle. They will also learn Backstroke and our safety stroke — Elementary Backstroke.

Advanced swimmers are ready to be introduced to the competitive aspects of swimming. Students will learn Breaststroke and Butterfly while Freestyle and Backstroke continue to be reinforced. In addition, students will learn streamlined push-offs, Breaststroke pull-downs and competitive turns and finishes.

If you are unsure about what level your child belongs in, we will be happy to evaluate your child and make a recommendation. Our small class sizes and flexible class scheduling make it easy to find just the right spot for your swimmer.
"Katelyn has gone from not knowing how to swim to being able to do freestyle, backstroke, some butterfly and is now learning breaststroke. She enjoys her lesson and likes her teachers. She also likes to get stickers and ribbons."
— Thanhtu Wong