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AGES 5 TO 15


Swimmers who are proficient in all four competitive strokes will benefit from our Stroke Training & Elite Swim Club.

Designed for exercise and swim team preparation for swimmers with a strong knowledge of the four competitive strokes.

  • Stroke technique and efficiency developed using swim team stroke drills
  • Competitive turns, finishes, streamline breakouts and Breaststroke pull-downs are taught according to USA Swimming rules
  • Fun challenges to keep swimmers motivated and focused
  • Great for Summer League swimmers or swimmers who would like to join a swim team or those that just want to stay physically fit


  • For swimmers who have passed our advanced level
  • Focuses on endurance and stroke technique


  • For ASA swimmers who have earned their Medal of Achievement and want to stay fit, active and healthy
  • Speed and endurance training
  • Focuses on stroke efficiency and power
  • For advanced level swim team participants

“After completing your program last we joined a swim team. In the beginning he was doing well, but soon we found that Adam’s stroke technique started to diminish. His practices seemed to be focused on endurance rather than skill, and as a result his swim times were getting worse not better. We came back to ASA and put him in the Elite program, and in just three weeks, he was back to where he was before, and now his times are better than ever! You are the best!!”
~Jennifer B.

Don’t miss your chance to pre-register for our Elite classes!

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